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All things related to the Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke 2012 event sponsored by the Queen City DotNetNuke Users Group -

Follow the red lights to the Charlotte Day of DNN

 Wells Fargo Duke Energy Building
   Wells Fargo Duke Energy Center

Over the course of the past few years I saw the progress of a new skyscraper being built on my daily drive in to work. I didn’t know who owned it or what it was going to be, but it didn’t take long before I knew it was going to be one of the biggest buildings around. One day not too long after the building was finished I had to come back downtown at night and on that trip I saw something that I hadn’t seen during the construction phase or on any other drives in to town… the building was illuminated and it lit up the sky.

Not only did the building have lights on it, but they also changed colors. It looked really neat. In the back of my mind I thought that somewhere out there was an architect with some flavor. It wasn’t too long after that when I was sitting at my desk and saw a tweet coming from the @WellsLightsCLT account that someone re-tweeted. I read the tweet and it said something about them lighting up the building in a specific color to celebrate some event happening in Charlotte. That’s when the DNN Evangelist / SuperFan-wannabe came out in me. I read a little more and their information said that citizens could submit requests to get the building turned to specific colors for events, celebrations, etc.

A few minutes later I sent in a request for the building to be turned red to celebrate the Day of DotNetNuke coming to Charlotte…and after 2-3 email exchanges, and being voted on by an internal committee at Wells Fargo, the request was approved! I was pumped that the people at Wells Fargo are doing this for us and I think it’s a very welcoming gesture from our city to the DotNetNuke Community.  They had a previous commitment booked for Saturday June 2nd so they are going to light the building up DotNetNuke red on Friday, June 1st. So if you are making your way into town for the conference on Friday night and somehow get lost… just look up and find the building illuminated in red lights and head that way! I imagine anyone flying in at night could see the building’s red lights out of an airplane window as well… so if you are snap some pics and email them to us.

The Charlotte Skyline 

I’m even thinking of taking our ShaunBobble to the building and taking his picture in front of it. The tower is located just 5 blocks from the event hotel so it’s not too bad of a walk to get there should anyone want their picture near it.

Again a big thanks to the Wells Fargo Duke Energy Center for making our event even more memorable and for helping welcome our event attendees to Charlotte! Feel free to tweet to @WellsLightsCLT and let them know we appreciate it!




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